Resident Evil 2 Remake Roundtable Features Hideki Kamiya

About Resident Evil 2 Remake Roundtable Features Hideki Kamiya

friv Resident Evil 2 Remake Roundtable Features Hideki Kamiya


This goes into his next anecdote about him arriving late to work one morning and when he came in, the other developers had finished a discussion on a mini-game based off Resident Evil. When he tried to oppose, the producer shut him using his tardiness. So Kamiya decided to put his full effort in making this title by using leftover and unused assets from the original game. This mysterious mini-game ended up being Tofu Survivor, a bizarre and hilarious parody that was of course lovingly remade in the remake.


Director Kazunori Kanoi, Director Yasuhiro Anpo, Executive Producer Takeuchi and special guest Hideki Kamiya (the director for the original Resident Evil 2) discuss their favorite parts of Resident Evil 2 and the Resident Evil 2 remake in a new roundtable interview.

One of the most interesting parts of the roundtable was an at length discussion of an enemy called Ivy. The developers bemoan how impossible it felt to make the plant-based enemy move and look realistic. However, in the remake the new design looks incredible and the team is impressed with the results. The spider from the original was not included in the remake, but they were more than fine with that choice. Overall the team seemed to be happy with the design changes and how the title was remade.


The entire roundtable is a joy to watch, especially for the easy camaraderie between the four developers. Resident Evil 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and can be picked up on Amazon.

Also mentioned is having the kiss between Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong occur much sooner, which according to them makes it feel more than a love story. The player naturally questions her motives and true intentions, but then Leon is distracted by a kiss from her.

Later in the video Kanoi and Anpo asked Kamiya about Leon’s backstory, specifically the part about him being hungover and reporting to work a day late, which was included in the game manual but not in the game itself. Kamiya reveals that it was inspired by his own experience being dumped by his girlfriend right before Christmas and drinking quite a bit.