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Hypnospace is owned and run by a pair of brothers who epitomize a Silicon Valley-inspired credo of amorality and greed. They speak to the pre-2000 generation of manic, cynical entrepreneurs. But they’re also powerfully reminiscent of our own era’s social media magnates.

The main story tracks how Hypnospace’s management is preparing for the Y2K bug: by larding its anti-virus software with expensive features and launching a weird new game. This unfolds among a host of mini-plots centered around the individual pages of Hypnospace’s users, who gather in poisonous hubs dedicated to their own obsessions.


Hypnospace Outlaw is a flawless piece of historical fiction, a savage work of contemporary satire, and a genuinely tricky puzzle game.

Set entirely in a late ’90s Geocities-like online hub called Hypnospace, it tasks the player with working as a community enforcer, administering a code of behavior across its user-created pages. These ugly websites are populated by a diverse cast of internet archetypes extant in the ’90s, as now. My job is to take down copyright infringers, virus makers, hackers, scammers, and trolls.

I interact with them in ways similar to mechanics in other politically charged games, like Papers, Please and Orwell, gathering information through observation. I look through their websites and I decide if they are breaking the rules. I can delete stuff from their pages, and I can report them for greater punishment, such as a ban.

At first, it’s a simple case of trawling a few dozen websites and handing down infringement notices. But I’m soon required to take a more investigative approach, ferreting out passwords, connections, and relationships. My tools are basic: trial and error, lateral thinking, guesswork.