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Visitors to are immediately greeted with an eye-catching homepage. The site offers tiny screenshots of their more than 250 games. This is not because it offers a very big amount of games (although they aren’t few either), but the homepage itself is set-up as a 12 x 22 grid of alluring screenshots from Friv games such as Cannibal Casserole, Pigstacks, and Cover Orange. For first time visitors to Friv, it can be difficult to choose just one game to start with. Don’t worry! Just jump right in and enjoy free online games from Friv, keeping in mind that you can come back time and time again and try each and every Friv game and play until you want.

Just click any of the tiny Friv game screenshots to get started. As each game is loading, a panel on the left-hand side of the screen shows players witch keyboard or mouse buttons to push to play the game. This feature often allows users to get started playing right away, without having to read long, boring instructions. That’s great news for casual players!

After folks have opened a game and even after they’ve started playing, a green “back” arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen allows players to return to the main menu of games at any time. This allows casual player and adventurers alike to check out the wide selection of games has to offer, including Pac Xon, Dirty Bubble Busters, Scooby Trap, and Black Devilfish.

Seeing the games available not in a written list but in small screenshots does not keep you from enjoying the site. Rather, it makes a bit more intriguing to find each game, adding to the fun.

For arcade style games, adventure, word puzzles and more, Friv.runhas one of the largest selections of free online games available.

has one of the largest selections of free online games available. In Their Own Words

“Only the very best online games.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Friv will keep you entertained. Whether it’s a slow workday or a slow party day, Friv has all the games to keep you occupied.

Some Questions About

Will users like the games Friv has? Or will they tire of them easily? Is it simply a gimmick site? How many games do they add per day/week/month? Did you know that Colombia is the country that brings them more visitors?



Juegos friv

juegos friv

Frivolous games or “friv games” as they are popularly dubbed as, are a dominating favorite among game aficionados from all over the world. Correction: these are enjoyed not just by the ardent gamers but also by everybody in want of something truly interesting and amusing. While it is natural for my teen geek brother to stay addicted to the friv games, I was kind of pleasantly surprised to find my history professor elder sister having fun with these so-called “frivolous” numbers when she is too tired of checking her students’ answers. No wonder, the Friv games today are enjoying popularity at the peak. Based on edgy Flash technology and amusing playline- these games are a much needed breather in our packed life which hardly gives us a time to stand and stare. Saying that, it won’t be wrong to stress that these games are not exactly “frivolous” and there are a number of benefits with them.

Better attention & improved mental rotation

The Friv games assure amazing cognitive benefits . This is especially true with shooter or action games. Studies taken on the effectiveness of these video games online report that those into the friv action games, showed more accurate and faster attention allocation, improved mental rotation as well as enhanced spatial resolution regarding visual processing.

Improved problem-solving skills

The in-game puzzles usually follow a complicated gameline where the player has to wade through a perplex route while reaching to the desired destination. The complicated sequences demand good memorization & analytical skills that stimulate the problem-solving capacity of the individual to a high extent- which he or she can apply to real life as well.

Improved decision-making skills

In the words of a much-frequented friv game site, friv games enhance decision-making skills of the players. In most of the cases, the games demand fast reactions and split-second decisions from the players which in turn assure a wonderful practice of developing concrete decisions that would be handy for real-life situations too.

Amazing stress busters

Research studies have proved that those suffering from stress or depression feel much lighter while playing the frivolous games. Moreover, these games improve resilience & even boost up the fighting spirit.

Winding up…

The frivolous games sweep us into a fun and exciting journey with every twist and turn. As you gear up to upgrade your levels, you start building your stamina towards a higher success while the failures teach you perseverance and as you complete the challenging tasks in the next round, these friv games let you rejoice the rare joy of triumph- isn’t it in these little things that we have the sweet pleasures of life?? is one of the most popular and extensive online gaming platform that consists of 1000 games for gamers to play at school or home. It offers diverse games and a range of gaming options to satisfy all taste and preferences. The young and motivated team of developers makes an extensive research and continues to update the gaming platform adding new exciting games.


Jogos friv

juegos friv

Salt Lake City, UT — (SBWIRE) — 05/19/2014 — presents their huge collection of online friv games for boys and girls that can be played both at home or school. Players love these games that keep them constantly entertained. The website has several game categories that make it easier for the users to find their favorite games quickly.

Most people, especially youngsters consider that online games are one of their favorite activities during the day. Players of different ages are attracted by games, where they can demonstrate their skills and escape from the real world immersing into the exciting virtual world of new adventures.

Friv gives this people an opportunity to find what they search for in a single site, built as an online game platform. Its popularity quickly increases being one of the major platforms for internet gaming that consists of 1000 games of different type and suits the mood and meet the anticipations of all players.

Games found on are divided into categories to ensure the players will find quickly their favorite games. Boys, who usually like to play different Action games, can find them on platform under the Action category. People of all ages will experience unexpected and fascinating adventures that can be found in the Adventure category. Another interesting category that boys will definitely enjoy is that of driving games that will develop their abilities to drive different vehicles of their choice.

There are a number of girl games as well designed to match the preferences of the female players. Even Puzzle lovers will have a lot of entertainment, if they visit a category titled Puzzle. There is a special category for the lovers of shooting games too. There are also sports and strategy categories.

All of these games, offered at Friv, one of the leading online gaming platforms, will keep gamers’ attention and the time for them will run inappreciably fast. This big Friv platform is created as a result of the high demand for intriguing online gaming. Friv boasts with the widest online game collection that is available to people around the world. They do not need to search on various websites to find some of the games they like, as they all are based in one place at

The company team consists of the best market professionals who know what is in the mind of gamers, understand very well their likes and dislikes and design the right games that cater the demand of all kinds of players. After an extensive research, they came up with new online games that would be engaging for gamers worldwide. Players can enjoy this online game platform along with their friends and family at

About FrivFriv ( is one of the most popular and extensive online gaming platform that consists of 1000 games for gamers to play at school or home. It offers diverse games and a range of gaming options to satisfy all taste and preferences. The young and motivated team of developers makes an extensive research and continues to update the gaming platform adding new exciting games.



Jeux de friv

Play Best Free Friv Games Online juegos friv ,jogos friv , jeux de friv , jocuri friv

Flash games may not have a long story mode or impressive graphics, but there is no denying the fact that their gameplay have a charm of their own, especially when you’re exhausted from work and fancy console games are not within the reach. At that point, these flash-based games are a medium to release the stress. The best part is that these free online games don’t require downloads; all you need is an active internet connection and the latest browser to enjoy them. Here we have compiled a list of 10 best browser games, which you should definitely try.

10 Bullets

At first look, 10 Bullets seems like a regular retro shooter game, but there is an interesting catch. The player is given only 10 bullets to destroy the space crafts and once the space craft is hit, it causes a chain reaction which in turn destroys more air ships. After all the bullets are used, the score is displayed on the screen, which you can also share online. Play 10 Bullets at is one of the most popular flash games on the internet, and it is also available on iOS and Android. The game is fairly simple; you start off as a small cell, which can be moved with the mouse, and the goal is to eat other cells in order to grow larger. However, if a cell larger than yours appear in the game, it can eat you consequently ending the game. You can also connect with your friends on social media and play together.

Zombie Avenger

For those who love action and violence, Zombie Avenger is the right pick. Your town has been infected with a disease and zombies have taken over it. You have to leave the town and eliminate the source of zombies. The controls are simple and you can point at the zombies with the mouse. Moreover, the game features different guns to enhance the overall gaming experience. Try Zombie Avengers today at Juegos Friv.


If you have been a fan of Temple Run and Subway Surfer, then you will surely love Canabalt. It is an endless running game where the player has to press keys to jump over obstacles and sprint across rooftops, houses and buildings. You can also play it with your friends using a two-player mode.


For old-school Nokia users, Snake used to be their favorite time kill activity, and now, it is available as a web browser game. The rules are straightforward; you start off as a small snake and you have to eat the small dots to grow in size. However, you cannot touch your own self, else the game ends. Playsnake has three game modes; Slug, Worm, and Python. The Slug mode is for beginners, Worm is for those who have practiced a little, while Python is for experts.

8-Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool is definitely one of the most popular Snooker games on the internet, mostly played on Facebook. The best part is that you can play it with any random player around the world, and even compete in different tournaments and earn points, which can be used to unlock new cues. You can also compete in a one-to-one match against your friends. For those who are not aware of Snooker rules, there is a tutorial in the start which teaches you everything.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope was initially launched on the mobile platform, but thanks to the overwhelming response, it is now available on the web-browser too. The aim of Cut the Rope is to feed your pet, named Omnom, who is always hungry. You have to cut the rope in a timely manner, so that the food item lands in his belly.


Joccuri friv


here are special kinds of games which are prepared on animation basis. These games are posted on the website and they can be accessed and played without downloading them. The games are accessible through the browser. The website usually boasts a large collection of games so that you will not get bored at any point of time. Lots of people are realizing the great potential of addicting frivolous games. These games are designed to roll your time very easily and you will be frivolous by going through the games.

Features of frivolous games

Friv games are designed to give you great excitement. These are small files which will be loaded in the browser in an effortless manner. By using the very simple interface, you will be able to play a wide range of games in an effortless manner. The games are classified into different sections. These sections include Sports, puzzle, youngsters, action and shoot them up. As these games are very simple, kids and the younger generation are very much attracted to play these games.

You can play these games without paying any amount. All the games can be accessed through the home page. The games are presented on the website into a number of tiles. You can click on the tile to load the game. The game will be loaded very quickly. It will not eat the resources of your computer. You will be able to access other applications as well. If you have the latest version of Adobe Flash player, the game will be loaded instantly. You can play these juegos which are the most favorite games of kids.

Advantages with frivolous games

Some of the popular friv  games are Panda Tactical Sniper 2 and Super Mario Strikers. There will be various mission levels, which can be accomplished in a step by step manner. There are frivolous games for girls and guys. You can play shooting games as well if you have a special interest in shooting.

Even though frivolous games and juegos are not as popular as social games, they have great potential to quench your thirst to play quick games on various themes.

These games are presented in various categories. The categories presented on the website include action, adventure, board game, casino, customize, defense, dress-up, education, fighting, multiplayer, puzzles, rhythm, sports and strategy. If you click on the ‘star’ icon, you will be able to find the most played games on the website. Kids will have a great time by playing various kinds of games listed on the frivolous site. These games can be played very easily.

Kids will be able to brush up their skills such as math, reading, logic and time management. Through goal setting environment, it is possible to make the most of your time and effort. If there are well illustrated lessons, kids would pick up games quite easily. In some cases, parental guidance as well as supervision is required so that kids will not go through wrong links. If there is descriptive information on the website, kids will be benefited. You can find the game name as you move the cursor over the icon. As the games are presented by different sources, the quality of all games will not be the same.

Hence, you should go through the reviews and feedback given by other players so that you will select and play the right kind of games. As video games and online games contain lots of violence, you can control it to some extent through the friv games. These games help kids and youth to solve real-time issues without any difficulty.