Crackdown 3 Game News

crack down 3


In this new Crackdown reveal trailer, explosions rocked the neon-soaked future city, setting off a chain of bombastic impacts as each inferno-engulfed building collapsed into the next. But the next several years of what would become Crackdown 3

were just the opposite…

</div…quiet, meandering, and dark. This is the bizarre story of Crackdown 3.


After Crackdown 2 was released, Microsoft revealed the third game in the Crackdown series was coming to the company’s brand-new console, the Xbox One.

It would be a cooperative, open-world game, touted as a new iteration of the action series, featuring a whole new campaign, and using Xbox Live to power a city. And that city… it wouldn’t just be an exciting place to play, but part of your destructive arsenal.