Baba Is You game news



The Baba game  is You is a puzzle game, With a simple hand-drawn art style, paired with relaxed electronic MIDI music, the game looks and sounds great.where in order to win you have to change the rules.



Between levels is a Super Mario Brothers inspired map that you can roam about and select puzzles. Each level completed will award you with a dandelion seed, and with enough of these you can complete flowers that will unlock more of the game. As you move on through the game, puzzles become more and more challenging with added rule sets and new environments. It’s okay to get stumped, just take a break and try another puzzle to help warm that brain up. The best and most helpful part of the game is being allowed to rewind and undo moves. If you mess up, don’t sweat starting over. Play around with the rules, and undo as many times as you need to.

When booting up the game, we see that 10% of the developer’s personal income goes to the charity Giving What We This is a non-profit organisation that helps provide funding to charities and organisations that are driven to do good in the world.  It’s a warm feeling knowing that even buying a video game can make a difference.


The levels are set as individual puzzles, where you must move tiles around to form new rules sets. Rule sets are mostly set as “noun” is “pronoun/verb”. Example: Baba is You, where this means Baba, the rabbit-like character mentioned in the title, is controlled by the player. Of course this means the rule could also be “Rock is You”, and now you are controlling a rock. There is always a __ is WIN that must be achieved, requiring some clever thinking and rule manipulation in order to move to the next level. Without spoiling any puzzle answers or giving too much away, this is the main mechanic and it is absolutely fun. Wall is STOP? Well, now it’s wall is YOU and you’re possessing a wall like a demon would a 12-year-old girl in the Exorcist.