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You are looking for a good background remover  website ? Welcome to we will show an easy and fast way to remove image background using photoshop, paint, Excel and photscape.Yes you can remove images backgrounds by your self .

How to Remove the Background of an image in photoshop

Pictures and photos sometimes contain background images and objects that decrease the overall quality of your images. Most popular photo editor programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office feature built-in tools that allow you to remove backgrounds and specific items without the use of third-party applications.


1Open the picture from which you want the background removed.

background remover 1


2-Click on the “Eraser” tool in the left sidebar. This displays all your eraser tool options.
background remover 2
3-Select “Background Eraser Tool.” This tool is designed specifically for erasing picture backgrounds.
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4-Select a round, hard brush from the Options bar at the top of your session. This brush is most effective at erasing large backgrounds. If working with smaller images and backgrounds, experiment with using a different brush style.
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5-Select your preferred sampling from the Options bar. Select “Continuous” if erasing multiple colors in the background, or select “Once” if removing a background with one or two colors.
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6-Select “Find Edges” from the Limits dropdown menu. This feature allows you to remove the background while preserving the sharpness of edges in your picture.
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8-Select a value from the Tolerance dropdown menu. A low tolerance level is ideal for erasing one to two colors, while a high tolerance level erases a larger amount of colors. For example, if erasing the blue background of a sky, set your tolerance level between 20 and 25 percent for the best results
remove backgound 6
8-Position your cursor near the edge of the object from which you want the background removed. For example, if removing a tree behind a vehicle, position the pointer near the edge of the vehicle. The pointer will turn into a circle with crosshairs at its center.
remove backgound 1
9 –Click and drag the cursor across the background you want removed. Take care not to drag the crosshairs over the edges of the object against the background, since this erases part of your image.
  • Use a smaller brush size to remove the background from small, tight areas between the object and background.

remove backgound 2

10-Click “File” and select “Save. The background of your picture is now removed.

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How to Remove a Background image in Paint

Microsoft may have announced the slow death of Paint back in mid-2017, relegating the software to the realm of “deprecated feature” and noting that it may be removed from future releases of Windows, but that doesn’t take the Paint love from our hearts.paint is a good background remover, Much of the joy of using Paint lies in its simplicity, and removing a picture’s background is just as simple as spray-painting a digital mustache on a JPEG of your computer lab teacher.
remove background

Remove the Background in Paint

to Remove background Open the image you want to de-background and choose the “Select” tool from the “Home” tab. From the drop-down menu, pick the “Free-form selection” tool. Carefully trace an outline around the foreground and midground elements you want to keep in the picture by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor, keeping the line as close to the edges of the elements as possible. When your outline forms a closed loop, a dotted outline appears around it.

Now go back to the selection tool menu and click “Invert selection,” which instantly selects the image’s background. Without changing tools, left-click and drag the image until you drag the background right out of the picture.

In effect, this erases the background in Paint, leaving you with a beautiful, blank white slate to fill in to your heart’s content or to leave blank.

Make the Background Transparent

If you’d rather end up with a Paint transparent background than a white space, you still have more work to do. Strangely, that work involves using PowerPoint, which likely came in the same software suite as MS Paint.

Insert the image with the now-white background into a PowerPoint presentation and choose “Picture Tools,” “Adjust” and “Color.” Now choose “Set Transparent Color” and use the color selection tool that appears to select the color white. This removes all white portions of the picture, creating transparency in place of a white color block.

For the transparency to work, you have to save it properly. Right-click and choose “Save as picture” and pick “PNG” from the “Save as type” drop-down menu.

Crop Backgrounds From Paint 3D

If you, like Microsoft, have moved past Paint and into the three-dimensional era, don’t worry – you can still crop backgrounds from your projects in Paint 3D, the official successor to the original MS Paint.

Paint 3D uses the magic of AI to make the selection process a little easier and more precise. After opening the image you want to edit, choose the “Magic Select” tool and select the area you want to work with. Drag the corners of the selection in or out to remove more or less of the background – unlike old-school paint, Paint 3D selects the foreground or subject automatically with this tool. If you need to fine-tune the selection, use the “Add” and “Remove” buttons and outline areas that need to be selected or areas that shouldn’t be selected. Select “Done” when you’ve tweaked the selection to your liking and then right-click and copy the selection to paste it into any image you like, sans background.

How to remove background image in Photoscape

Remove background in Photoscape, it is a free image background remover and  editing software that allows you to enhance and correct photo imperfections. As an alternative to Adobe PhotoShop, Photoscape allows you to apply special affects to your images, adjust image brightness, add logos and words to your photo, remove moles and red eye. Photoscape does not include a toolbar option to make image backgrounds transparent. However, with a little creativity, you can use other program features to make your image background disappear.
remove bg

Step 1

Open the Photoscape software program on your computer. Click the “Editor” tab, located at the top of the Photoscape window. All of the images saved on your computer’s hard drive appears.

Step 2

Left-click the image for which you want to create a transparent background. This opens the image for editing inside the Photoscape window.

Step 3

Click the “Tools” tab, located underneath the photo.

Step 4

Click “Paint Brush.” Above the Paint Brush option appears different tip sizes for your brush. Choose the thinnest tip (far left).

Step 5

Click the color block to choose a color for your paint brush. Select “White.” If you intend to use the image on a website, choose the color that represents your website background. For instance, if your Web page is black, choose black from the color block. By doing so, your image appears transparent on your Web page.

Step 6

Drag your mouse along the outline of the object you want to keep in your picture. To ensure a neat outline, use slow mouse movements. When finished, your entire forefront image should be outlined. If you make a mistake, click the “Undo” button.

Step 7

Click the widest paint brush tip (far right). Use your mouse to drag the paint brush tip over the background of the picture. As you drag your mouse over the background, you are painting over the image background. This action resembles an eraser effect, erasing the background away. When finished, the only part of the image remaining is the forefront image you want to keep.

Step 8

Click the “Save” button to save your edited image. Be sure to save the image under a new file name, so as not to overwrite your original image file.



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